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  • Life Casting in Animatronics

    The unique techniques of life casting have found favor in many other fields such as prototype tooling, prosthetics, taxidermy, architectural restoration and special effects for film and television. The advanced technology used in animatronics also incorporates life casting techniques in the initial stages of creating the characters. Animatronics refers to making and using robotic devices… More

  • Palaeocommunities in Upper Campanian Stratigraphy of Alberta

    Abundant Ornithischian Fossils shed light on Late Cretaceous mega-fauna With the re-examination of many of the lost quarries within the Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta more data on the palaeocommunities from this region has been collected. This has provided some intriguing information that may indicate a success line of ornithischian genera (both ceratopsia and hadrosauridae)… More

  • Science and Art: Their Striking Differences and Similarities

    Science and Art are two giant disciples in the Academic Arena. Many scholars have been groomed by them. Yet, many scholars wonder if these two disciples are the same or they share striking similarities. Of course, the variance in their identities as Science and Art clearly shows their demarcation. Their differences are particularly from their… More

  • An Autograph Please

    We all have our respect signature that we almost do on a regular basis, sometimes writing a cheque, self-attesting our documents, while receiving parcels or couriers and many similar scenarios in our day to day life. But it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, honing of talent, struggle, perseverance, the grit to turn the tables… More

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