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  • Can You Pass Our Practice American Citizenship Test?

    So.. Can you pass a practice american citizenship test? While it appears to be a joke more so than a question; most don’t pass! Hence, why more than 75% of user’s fail this test! Therefore we suggest you Take A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane With America before accepting our challenge. Follow the above link for… More

  • Are You A Die Hard Bowie Fan? Prove It!

    David Bowie Quiz Time! Take The David Bowie Quiz Now. Due to Space Oddity becoming an instant classic. Aladdin Sane became a rock star. Since David Bowie fans love this tribute quiz, we will create more alike. In Conclusion, Deep down, we all have some Bowie in us. The legend Ziggy Stardust would agree, do… More

  • Are You Dating A Cheater? 7 Questions That Prove.. | Quizified

    Are You Dating A Cheater? Consequently, we at Quizified offer the Internet the #1 “are you dating a cheater” quiz, which will give you the answers you need. Because we are humans, we all lie from time to time. While lying is never good, we are easy to forgive. What about Cheating? Most relationships end as… More

  • What is Your Sixth Sense? Find out Now!

    What is Your Sixth Sense? Find out Now! A psychic ability? Perhaps one that helps you understand the world. Invisibility or immortal human strength? See the future? Answer the questions for your answer! More

  • Which Superhero Are You?

    Which Superhero are you? Can you feel the need to take matters into your own hands? With great power comes great responsibility, which you have. Share and Create Now! For DC Superheroes For Marvel Superheroes More

  • Beatles Lyric Challenge

    Can you identify these Beatles lyrics? Our lyric challenge quiz will determine whether you’re a true fan or not! Share your results with your friends and create your own now. More

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