What Do You Remember About The 90s?

what do you remember about the 90s trivia quiz

What Do You Remember About The 90s?

Take a blast to the past with our, what do you remember about the 90s trivia quiz! We bring forth some important events that happened in the 90s. Whether its regarding music, art, culture or history in the making; we covered it all with these quiz questions! So go ahead and take our 90s quiz and don’t forget to check out our 80s trivia on 80s supermodels! Its harder than it seems! Quizified has always been committed to bring you the best content for your one stop shop for all quizzes, riddles and general trivia questions! So we won’t start and you all have so much to look forward to.. like maybe the 2000s? Anyways…

What Do You Remember About The 90s?

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  • Janet Adkins, A Portland-Oregon Woman, Became The First To Do What in 1990?

    • Became First Female President of Ireland
    • Commit Suicide With Jack Kevorkian’s Help
    • Participated in A Legal Lesbian Marraige in America
  • Andrei Chikatilo (The Butcher of Rostov) Was Found Guilty of 52 Murders and Sentenced To Death For Each One and The Maastricht Treaty Was Signed. What Did This Signify?

    • Creation of The European Union
    • End of The Hundred Years’ War
    • Universal Suffrage in Scandinavia
  • Ty Warner, Inc. Began Selling A Line of Toys That Would Become A Huge Cultural Hit. What Toys?

    • Beanie Babies
    • Tamagotchis
    • Cabbage Patch Kids
  • In 1998, Former Actor Charlton Heston Became The President of What Organization?

    • The National Rifle Association
    • The Sierra Club
    • Greenpeace
  • Illich Ramirez Sanchez Was Captured. What Was He Better Known As?

    • El Chapo
    • God’s Rottweiler
    • Carlos The Jackal
  • Which Band Played Over 2,300 Live Concerts Since They Were Founded, in 1965 and Played Their Last Gig in Chicago in 1995.

    • The Grateful Dead
    • Eurythmics
    • Jane’s Addiction
  • In 1996, Something Called “Deep Blue” Did Something Unprecedented. What Was It?

    • Left The Solar System
    • Reached The Lowest Point of The Mariana Trench
    • Won A Chess Game Against The World Champion
  • In 1997, Two of The Most Famous Women in The World Died Within A Week of Each Other. Who Were They?

    • Princess Diana and Mother Teresa
    • Ella Fitzgerald and Mary Leakey
    • Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner
  • In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Went On A Shooting Rampage in Which Community?

    • Littleton, Colarado
    • Austin, Texas
    • Blacksburg, Virginia

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