What Do You Remember About The 90s?

what do you remember about the 90s trivia quiz

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  • Janet Adkins, A Portland-Oregon Woman, Became The First To Do What in 1990?

    • Became First Female President of Ireland
    • Commit Suicide With Jack Kevorkian’s Help
    • Participated in A Legal Lesbian Marraige in America
  • Andrei Chikatilo (The Butcher of Rostov) Was Found Guilty of 52 Murders and Sentenced To Death For Each One and The Maastricht Treaty Was Signed. What Did This Signify?

    • Creation of The European Union
    • End of The Hundred Years’ War
    • Universal Suffrage in Scandinavia
  • Ty Warner, Inc. Began Selling A Line of Toys That Would Become A Huge Cultural Hit. What Toys?

    • Beanie Babies
    • Tamagotchis
    • Cabbage Patch Kids
  • In 1998, Former Actor Charlton Heston Became The President of What Organization?

    • The National Rifle Association
    • The Sierra Club
    • Greenpeace
  • Illich Ramirez Sanchez Was Captured. What Was He Better Known As?

    • El Chapo
    • God’s Rottweiler
    • Carlos The Jackal
  • Which Band Played Over 2,300 Live Concerts Since They Were Founded, in 1965 and Played Their Last Gig in Chicago in 1995.

    • The Grateful Dead
    • Eurythmics
    • Jane’s Addiction
  • In 1996, Something Called “Deep Blue” Did Something Unprecedented. What Was It?

    • Left The Solar System
    • Reached The Lowest Point of The Mariana Trench
    • Won A Chess Game Against The World Champion
  • In 1997, Two of The Most Famous Women in The World Died Within A Week of Each Other. Who Were They?

    • Princess Diana and Mother Teresa
    • Ella Fitzgerald and Mary Leakey
    • Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner
  • In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Went On A Shooting Rampage in Which Community?

    • Littleton, Colarado
    • Austin, Texas
    • Blacksburg, Virginia

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