Mystifying, misleading, and puzzling questions posed as problems to be solved or guessed.


Where is the ocean deepest?

When people come for me to meet, they come to me with heavy feet. The one I hold, when I get my chance, will turn and spin, and start to dance.

When we stand up it lies flat. When we lie back it stands up.

When it comes in, From sea to shore, Twenty paces you'll see, No less, no more.

Where do penguins come from?

When it shines, its light is hazy. Makes the oceans swell like crazy. It makes moods seem more romantic, But it makes the ladies frantic.

Where jewelery pierces your head.

Who are the two brothers who live on opposite sides of the road yet never see each other?

When the horse strokes the cat the wood begins to sing.

When one does not know what it is, then it is something; but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing.

When life gives you these, make a refreshing beverage.

Which building has the most stories?