List of State Capitals – All 50 States and Capitals – Printable For Practice

State Capitals List | USA List of State Capitals | 50 States and Capitals

State Capitals List: All 50 States and Capitals (Printable)

We have created one of the best educational ways to learn your 50 states and capitals! Let’s be honest, learning fifty of anything can be extremely difficult; especially if it’s something you don’t like or want to do. On the other hand, there’s many different ways to learn and we have found the best one’s! But there’s a lot of different memorization methods on the internet, to help you learn all of the us state capitals list, so don’t forget to check out the six essential memorization techniques! OneClass does a great job breaking down each method, as well as giving extremely useful examples. Our personal favorite is the ‘Link Method‘, and Mindtool’s displays the perfect example! But to quickly sum it up: it involves creating a list of items and associating images to each of them, for better memorization. It’s a fast way, for all ages, to learn.


You’ll see we made it easy to view each state, with their corresponding capital below. So that way, you can easily view and memorize each state at your own pace; using whatever method works best for you! Quizified is full of fun entertainment and cool ways for all ages to learn something new; or to simply brush up on some skills. By the way, we posted our state capitals list below so you can use it as a guide, and for practice, before taking on our U.S State Capitals Quiz! So you know, the motivation to bring you this fantastic list of state capitals, was purely for your advantage! In addition you’ll not only find a list of state capitals, but they’ll be in alphabetical order with their associated state. But, don’t forget to save our printable state capitals list of the 50 states and capitals for later use!

us state capitals list - all 50 states and capitals

We Offer More Than Just A State Capitals List…

So you want to take a break from learning? Consequently, we give you the power to do more than just that! We have a lot of geography trivia questions for you to soak up your time with! Speaking of, how well do you know Texas? A lot of Quizified fan’s love our U.S State quiz questions, so give it a shot for a challenge. And afterwards, why not take a break to see, are you confident or shy? There’s a lot more to do than just learn here on Quizified!