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So you want to create a quiz? Well you came to the right spot! Not only can you create quizzes but you can take them with you, for the world to see! So go share it on Facebook or print it off for the class room; either way, you’re looking at the best free quiz maker on the market. Pick between making a trivia style quiz or a personality quiz, both are uniquely simple. Our mission is to bring you an awesome variety of quizzes while letting people, just like you, add to the collection! Speaking of awesome quizzes, can you tell the difference between these hot dogs or legs? We have a huge assortment of quizzes, riddles and trivia questions, so make sure you look through those too!

Create A Trivia Quiz

Creating a trivia quiz takes little effort, especially if you have a topic you already know well. Trivia quizzes, or trivia games, usually are a series of questions about interesting, yet unimportant, facts and subjects. This is done by creating multiple options for the user, with only one correct answer. If you still need help, here’s a great example of a trivia quiz!

Create A Personality Quiz

Creating a personality test is done by asking a set of standard controlled questions, that can help determine many aspects of a person’s personality and/or feelings. So in other word’s it’s a, “what type of person are you” quiz. But if you still need help, here’s a great example of a personality quiz.

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