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80s Movie Trivia Questions

Think you got what it takes to score perfect on our 80s movie trivia quiz? It’s going to take a lot more than a few lucky guesses to ace this movie quiz! #4 was your childhood.. #9 was just plain old creepy and everyone should get #5! Regardless, even your average quiz taker should be able to get over half the 80s movie trivia questions correct! Don’t forget to check out other trivia questions! With a list of thousands of questions, plenty of trivia categories and our tricky riddle section; there’s no way you won’t get lost inside the fun, yet challenging games offered on Quizified! Also, with your results we give your…

80s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers!

It’s not hard to create your own quiz, riddle or trivia. So if you can’t find something you want on our site, feel free to add it yourself and share with as many people as you’d like! The possibilities are endless, especially when we are talking about the 80s. So lets mix
it up a little and get funky! We took the most epic 80s films to ever have hit the big screens, in order to not skip a beat! Also, we made sure to add the best film/movie lover’s favorites! The 80s is filled with so much fun and entertainment, it’s hard to stay away!

Want More 80s Trivia Facts?

We’ve decided to dive into the 80s, if you couldn’t tell already. So, it only makes sense to have more 80s quiz and trivia for you to take! Over the 80s? See what you remember about 90s history! The possibilities are endless when you’re dealing with the #1 quiz, riddle & trivia website. Our purpose is to provide high quality entertainment you deserve and with no further adieu, press the play now to time travel into our 80s trivia questions!

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    This Movie Stars ________ Who’s Skills Consist of Cutting Class And Stealing Cars?

    • Dennis the Menace
    • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    • The Lost Boy
    • WarGames
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    What Movie Tells The Story of A Boy And His Alien.

    • Bicentennial Man
    • Dr Alien
    • The Color Purple
    • E.T
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    Name This Famous Movie That Sends A Teenager Through Time, In A Delorian.

    • Through Time
    • Back To The Future
    • Time Rider
    • Doctor Who
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    This Famous Movie is Known For The Truffle Shuffle, Buried Treasure, And A Baby Ruth Candy Bar.

    • Captain Jack
    • The Sandlot
    • The Goonies
    • Peter Pan
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    In This 80’s Movie These Two Teenage Boys Travel in Time To Help Their Present Selves Pass History Class.

    • Back in Time
    • Out of Time
    • Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    • Encino Man
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    This Movie Tells The Story of A Group of Vampires in A Small Town in Northern California.

    • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    • Van Helsing
    • The Lost Boys
    • Underworld
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    This Famous Movie is Based Around A Boy in Trouble And A Man Who’s A Master of Goju Ryu.

    • Drunken Master
    • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    • Karate Kid
    • Terminator
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    In This Movie A Boy Wakes Up One Day To Find Himself All Grown Up With The Mind of A Child.

    • All Grown Up
    • BIG
    • 13 Going On 30
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    In This Famous Movie A Couple Die In A Car Accident And Are Stuck Haunting Their Country Residence Unable To Leave.

    • A Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Beetlejuice
    • The Shining
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas
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    This Famous Movie Stars A Duo of Teens That Design Their ideal Woman On A Computer And A Freak Accident Brings Her To Life.

    • Pretty Women
    • Weird Science
    • Sixteen Candles
    • Who’s That Girl?

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