Are You A Hero or A Villain? Your Personality Will Decide That For You!

Are you a Hero or a Villain? Take Our Personality Quiz To Find Out!

Light vs Dark and Good vs Evil.. We let you decide your destiny, rather than pick it for you. Why? Because we should be able to make our own choices and create our own Legacy; Good or Bad.. Because every story has it’s hero and they always have a Villain. So, are you a hero or a Villain? Remember, actions speak louder than words and Yours Will Be Heard. Also, if you Love DC and Marvel Superheroes, go find out Which Superhero You Are! Quizified is committed in bringing you the #1 Quiz Riddles, and all Trivia questions. Also, we make it easy to create your own quizzes, riddles, trivia & more!

Every Superhero Has His Nemesis..

Where there’s a Hero there’s always a Nemesis plotting! Will you handle the pressure and responsibilities of protecting the World from evil and terror or the opposite? Will you despise all mankind, for all they have done to you and your loved ones? Consequently, leaving the World shaking with fear and terror. Because either way you look at it, every Batman has his Joker. Because where there’s hope, fear will always be lurking and where there’s light, darkness will soon to follow! We love Superhero Comic Trivia so much, we decided to add it’s own category in our trivia questions section!

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    Your Favorite Futuristic Character?

    • Luke Skywalker
    • Ultron
    • Caesar the Chimpanzee in Planet of The Apes
    • Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games
    • Darth Vadar
  • Question of

    Hero or Villain?

    • Hero!
    • Villain!
  • Question of

    What Tops Your Bucket List?

    • To Learn The Art of Becoming A Martial Arts Warrior
    • To Achieve Higher Knowledge
    • To Surive All The Trails in Life
    • To Find Out How To Manipulate Time and Go Back To The Past
    • To Learn All Survival Techniques in Case The Wolrd Comes To An End
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    What Could Be The Best Fashion Trend in The Future?

    • White Suit, It’s Easy To Wear and You Can Move Flexibly
    • I Don’t Care About What To Wear or When To Wear It
    • Anything That Will Allow Me To Move Freely So I Can Run As Fast As I Can
    • Clothing That Dries Itself
    • Anything I Want Since In The Future I Am The Only One Alive
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    The Best Way To Move Around in The Future?

    • A Speedy Landspeeder So I Won’t Be Late For Training and All Other Activities
    • I Am Perfectly Comfortable Moving About On My Own
    • A Hovercraft So I Can Move On Water or Land
    • Time Machine Car
    • 4×4 With Daylights, Machine Gun and A Lot of Fuel
  • Question of

    Do You Believe That We Are Not Alone In The Universe?

    • We Are Just One Planet in A Huge Galaxy of Stars
    • I Have Yet To See Proof
    • I Don’t Care
    • It’s Possible, Anything Could Happen In The Future
    • Definitely We Are Not Alone..
  • Question of

    How Do You See The Future?

    • A Battle Between Good and Evil
    • A Time When The Best Race Prevail
    • A Time When The Weak Suffers If They Are Not Smart or Skilled Enough
    • It Doesn’t Matter. I Can Change Time Anyway
    • It Will Be A Constant Battle and I Am The Only One To Remain
  • Question of

    What Could Replace Money In The Future?

    • The Galactic Credit Standard
    • We Go Back To Bartering
    • You Don’t Need Money To Survive
    • Money Will Ultimately Prevail!
    • Money Will Cease To Exist
  • Question of

    What Race Will Dominate In The Future?

    • Humans With Jedi Powers
    • Apes of Course
    • Humans With Amazing Survival Skills and Wit
    • Humans With The Ability To Travel To and From The Future
    • I Will Dominate The Future..
  • Question of

    Is World Peace Possible?

    • Only When Jedis Keep The Peace
    • Only When Humans Learn How To Become Less Barbaric and More Educated
    • No, Life Will Be A Constant Battle For Survival
    • Yes Since I Can Live Peacefully Myself

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