Are You Confident or Shy?

are you confident or shy quiz

Are You Confident Or Shy?

So Lets see, Are You Confident or Shy? Let us Show you with 7 questions and only 2 outcomes. Take your results and learn from them.. or don’t. That’s up to you! But whether you’re confident or shy, you will learn from this quiz. We give advice after you see your results and tips for you to become more of who you want to be! Learn from yourself and try our other related quizzes! Your Personality has everything to do with this quiz, so if you don’t see the result you want its 100% on you! We make it easy for you to review your answers and share them. Also, have you ever wanted to create your own quiz, riddle or trivia? Perfect, because you can now on Quizified!

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  • After a Day Full of People and Meetings, Lots of Conversations You Feel:

    • Exhausted and Nervous of Performance
    • Energized and Relieved
  • What Will You Do This Weekend?

    • Go Out With Some Friends/Significant Other
    • Read and/or Spend Time Alone
    • Stay Home Because You Don’t Like Going Out
  • You Have Something Important To Tell Your Boss:

    • You Just Tell Him Your Point of View As Soon As You See Him/Her
    • You Wait For The Right Time Even If It’s Not That Day
  • When You Talk, You..

    • Say The Bare Minimum To Get Your Point Across
    • Do A lot of Gestures and Explain in Depth Typically
  • In The Morning, Do You Like What You See in The Mirror?

    • I Don’t Think About it
    • Of Course, I’m Happy With Myself
  • Choose a Color:

    • White
    • Red
  • Imagine a Room Full of People and You Have To Make a Short Announcement..What Goes Through Your Mind?

    • All Those Eyes on Me Are a Horrible Sight.
    • Take a Deep Breath and Lets Do This!

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