Are You Healthy? Take This Quick Health and Fitness Quiz To See!

Are you healthy? Our Quiz will determine that for you. 10 Crucial Health questions. Answer honestly for accurate results. For some deliciously amazing ways to
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  • Question of

    How Old Are You?

    • 20 and Under
    • 21 to 30
    • 31-40
    • 41-50
    • Older Than 51
  • Question of

    Do You Work Out? If So, How Many Hours a Day?

    • I Don’t Work Out
    • I Work Out An Hour or More Every Day
    • I Work Out An Hour For 3 to 4 TImes a Week
    • I Rarely Work Out
  • Question of

    What’s Your Body Shape? (Be Honest..)

    • I Have a Great Physique
    • I Have Problem Areas (Midsection, Thighs, Upper Arms)
    • I Have a Full Frame
    • I Have a Petite Figure
    • I Am Heavy Set/Obese
  • Question of

    What Are The Usual Foods That You indulge in?

    • Fruits/Vegetables and Fresh Meat/Deli
    • Processed Meats and Deli
    • Chocolates and Any Kind of Sweets
    • Chips, Cookies, TV Dinners
    • Ice Cream, Candy, Fast Food
  • Question of

    Do You Eat When You Feel Stressed? If So, What is Your Comfort Food?

    • I Do Not Eat when I Am Stressed
    • Any Kind of Food Would Do
    • Chocolates and Any Kind of Sweets
    • Fast Food
    • A Light Snack Like Yogurt
  • Question of

    Are You a Sickly-Type of Person?

    • I Rarely Get Sick
    • I Easily Get The Cold and Cough At least Once Every Two Months
    • I Get A Sore Throat At least Twice in a Year
    • I Often Get Indigestion
    • I Always Get Random Sicknesses Throughout The Year
  • Question of

    Do You Smoke?

    • No
    • Yes, a Pack a Day
    • Yes, Less Than a Pack a Day
    • Yes, Only When WIth Friends – Social Smoker
    • Only When I’m Stressed
    • No, it’s The Most Disgusting and Harmful Thing You Can Do Along With Many Other Poor Life Choices
  • Question of

    Do You Have a Family History of a Chronic illness (Heart Ailments, Cancer, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Etc.)

    • No
    • Yes Both My Parents Have Chronic Illnesses
    • Only One Parent Has Chronic Illness
    • No, But I Have Been Diagnosed With One
    • I Don’t Really Know
  • Question of

    Have You Suffered From Depression?

    • No
    • Yes and Even Got Treatment
    • Yes, After a Terrible Event
    • Yes, and Recieved No Professional Treatment
    • I’m Not Sure
  • Question of

    How Do You Rate Your Overall Health?

    • I Am Essentially Healthy
    • I feel I Might Die Soon!
    • I Am Fit and Healthy So Far
    • I Need To Get Back into The Swing of it
    • I Don’t Care About My Health

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