Are You Liberal or Conservative? 40% Are Clueless..Are You? Personality Quiz

Are You Liberal or Conservative?

Anyone can claim to be a Liberal or Conservative, but that doesn’t make it true.
Where do you stand on the Political Spectrum? If you’re having trouble answering that question, it’s okay, that’s why you’re here! And as a matter of fact, 40% of the population are clueless as to which group they belong to. Luckily for them and you, our Quiz is 100% accurate and efficient. In addition, we will give you a detailed description to help you understand your real political views. So, after taking this political quiz, will you be able to answer the crucial question of… Are you Liberal or Conservative? We hope! Don’t forget to check out our Article section we made just for you. Also, wanna create your own Quiz? Because you can now!So enjoy and share your results with a click of a button.
We know you want to!

  • Question of

    If You Could Issue An Executive Order, Would You…

    • Make Firearms Permanently Illegal in The U.S?
    • Offer Bible Study Classes To 1st – 12th Grade in All Schools in The U.S?
    • Create a Secured Website For Americans To Vote (For Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial Elections..Etc..?
  • Question of

    Your Political Theme Song Title is…

    • Proud To BE An American, Made in America!
    • Democracy is The Key To Our Happiness!
    • Everyone is Getting Along!
  • Question of

    Which Bumper Sticker Would You Most Likely Put On Your Car?

    • Global Warming is Worrisome, But My Car Has AC.
    • In Case of Rapture, You Can Have My Car.
    • Free Thinker
  • Question of

    What Do You Think of Unions?

    • They Do More Good Than Harm, Fighting For The Little Guys!
    • Demand Too Much Which Leads To Many Unintended Consequences.
    • Great For The Union Members, Sucks For Business Owners.
  • Question of

    If You Could Time-Travel Back To One of These Events, Which Would You Choose?

    • Last Week’s Power Ball Drawing – With a Pencil & Paper
    • They Day of Obama’s Birth (in Kenya) – With a Video Camera
    • 2007 Before The Banking Crisis – With Executive Powers To Stop Banks & Wall-Street Firms From Scamming The Public
  • Question of

    Your Solution For The Homeless People..

    • Extra Tax To Pay For Housing and Food For All The Homeless People
    • Drop Them Off On a Deserted Island and Provide Supplies From Charity Funds
    • No Solution, Don’t Care
  • Question of

    Your View On Health Care?

    • Wealthy People Should Pay More
    • Everyone Has a Right to Health Care, Even If They Can’t Afford It.
    • Everyone Pays! If You Can’t Afford It, Seek Help On Your Own and You Should Take Better Care of Yourself
  • Question of

    Your View On Taxes?

    • You Make More, You Should Pay More
    • If You Create Jobs, You Should Get More Tax Breaks
    • Flat Tax, Everyone Should Pay The Same Percentage of Their Income
  • Question of

    Should The Government Raise The Federal Minimum Wage?

    • No, Hard Work and Dedication is The Key!
    • Yes, I Can’t Live Off Minimum Wage!
    • There Are Pros and Cons to Raising Minimum Wage; I Have No Preference
  • Question of

    What’s Your View On Socialism?

    • I Like Democracy, But I Don’t Have Anything Against It
    • It Would Be Wonderful. Then We Would End Poverty and Hunger!
    • It Doesn’t Work… It’s Never Worked..It’ll Never Work!

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