Are You Liberal or Conservative? 40% Are Clueless..Are You?

are you liberal or conservative personality quiz

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  • If You Could Issue An Executive Order, Would You…

    • Make Firearms Permanently Illegal in The U.S?
    • Offer Bible Study Classes To 1st – 12th Grade in All Schools in The U.S?
    • Create a Secured Website For Americans To Vote (For Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial Elections..Etc..?
  • Your Political Theme Song Title is…

    • Proud To BE An American, Made in America!
    • Democracy is The Key To Our Happiness!
    • Everyone is Getting Along!
  • Which Bumper Sticker Would You Most Likely Put On Your Car?

    • Global Warming is Worrisome, But My Car Has AC.
    • In Case of Rapture, You Can Have My Car.
    • Free Thinker
  • What Do You Think of Unions?

    • They Do More Good Than Harm, Fighting For The Little Guys!
    • Demand Too Much Which Leads To Many Unintended Consequences.
    • Great For The Union Members, Sucks For Business Owners.
  • If You Could Time-Travel Back To One of These Events, Which Would You Choose?

    • Last Week’s Power Ball Drawing – With a Pencil & Paper
    • They Day of Obama’s Birth (in Kenya) – With a Video Camera
    • 2007 Before The Banking Crisis – With Executive Powers To Stop Banks & Wall-Street Firms From Scamming The Public
  • Your Solution For The Homeless People..

    • Extra Tax To Pay For Housing and Food For All The Homeless People
    • Drop Them Off On a Deserted Island and Provide Supplies From Charity Funds
    • No Solution, Don’t Care
  • Your View On Health Care?

    • Wealthy People Should Pay More
    • Everyone Has a Right to Health Care, Even If They Can’t Afford It.
    • Everyone Pays! If You Can’t Afford It, Seek Help On Your Own and You Should Take Better Care of Yourself
  • Your View On Taxes?

    • You Make More, You Should Pay More
    • If You Create Jobs, You Should Get More Tax Breaks
    • Flat Tax, Everyone Should Pay The Same Percentage of Their Income
  • Should The Government Raise The Federal Minimum Wage?

    • No, Hard Work and Dedication is The Key!
    • Yes, I Can’t Live Off Minimum Wage!
    • There Are Pros and Cons to Raising Minimum Wage; I Have No Preference
  • What’s Your View On Socialism?

    • I Like Democracy, But I Don’t Have Anything Against It
    • It Would Be Wonderful. Then We Would End Poverty and Hunger!
    • It Doesn’t Work… It’s Never Worked..It’ll Never Work!

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