Can You Answer These 1960s Trivia Questions?

Can You Answer These 1960s Trivia Questions?

You would be surprised to know there’s an astonishing amount of history that happened during the 60s. In addition, more happened and changed during these times, than most. So whether we are asking about a political party, a famous festival or an assassination; You’re expected to be able to answer all 12 questions. Also, if you were apart of these times (and you have a good memory) you should have no issue with these questions. So… Can you answer these 1960s trivia questions? Take the quiz now to see if you have what it takes to get them all correct! Also, after this, jump into some 90s history with our ‘what do you remember about the 90s?‘ quiz!

So, Do You Know Your 1960s History?

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    Name of the First Shuttle Launched into Space by the Russians?

    • Apollo
    • Sputnik
    • Stayputnik
  • Question of

    Name the Counter Culture Group known for Long Hair, Rock n Roll and Peace and Love.

    • Hippies
    • Love Bugs
    • Rednecks
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    Name the Famous Music Festival Held in the Summer of ’69 in upstate New York.

    • Burlington Jazz Festival
    • Ocheaga Music Festival
    • Woodstock
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    What’s the Name of the Organization Created to Fight for Woman’s Rights?

    • NOW
    • WLF
    • WRN
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    Who Wrote the Book Titled “Feminine Mystique” ?

    • Betsy Ford
    • Betty Friedan
    • Maya Angelou
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    Name the Political Party which Encouraged African Americans to Fight for their Rights and Freedoms?

    • Black Panthers
    • Liberal Democrats
    • Republicans
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    What’s the Name of the African American Woman that started a Movement over a Bus Seat?

    • Aunt Jemima
    • Harriet Tubman
    • Rosa Parks
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    What Was Used to Divide East and West Berlin?

    • Berlin Wall
    • Iron Curtain
    • The Great Wall of China
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    Name the Artist who’s Silk Screen Paintings Brought Art into the Mainstream Media.

    • Andy Warhol
    • Picasso
    • Salvador Dali
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    Name the Leader of the NAACP that was Assassinated in 1963.

    • Martin Luther King
    • Malcolm X
    • Medgar Evers
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    Name the British Band from England that came to America in 1964.

    • Chad & Jeremy
    • The Beatles
    • The Rolling Stones
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    Name the NAACP Lawyer to Become the First African America Supreme Court Justice.

    • James Meredith
    • Medgar Evers
    • Thurgood Marshall

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