Quiz: Can You Name These Famous US Landmarks?

Test your US landmark knowledge by taking this landmark quiz.  Can you identify them all?

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    Where Are These Famous Faces Engraved?

    • Mount Sashta
    • Mount Mckinnley
    • Mount Washington
    • Mount Rushmore
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    Nearly 600 Stone-and-Motar Cliff Houses Notched By The Ancient Anasazi.

    • Ancient City
    • Mesa Verde
    • Kivas Town
    • Ciudad Del Rock
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    Located in Washington DC This Area is Home To The City’s Most Important Memorials and Monuments.

    • Reflecting Pool
    • Washington Monument
    • Lincoln Memorial
    • All Of The Above
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    This is One of The Seven Natural Wonders of The World.

    • Death Valley National Park
    • Bryce Canyon
    • Yellow Stone National Park
    • Grand Canyon
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    Some 12 Million Tourist Come Every Year to See These Mighty Falls.

    • Cumberland Falls
    • Yellowstone Falls
    • Yosemite Falls
    • Niagara Falls
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    One of The Most Famous Geysers in The United States.

    • Blue Lagoon
    • Old Faithful
    • Valley of Geysers
    • El Tatio
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    This Statue is The Universal Symbol For Freedom.

    • National Monument to the U.S. Constitution
    • Christ of the Ozarks
    • Statue of Liberty
    • Standing Lincoln
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    This 630-Foot-High Monument is Located in Missouri

    • Gateway Arch
    • Memorial Arch
    • Nature’s Arches
    • Victory Arches
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    This Landmark is Located inside of Acadia National Park.

    • Bedrock Cove
    • Thunder Hole
    • Acadia Beach
    • Yellow Stone Geysers
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    Arching 275 Feet (84 Meters) Across and 290 Feet (88 Meters) This is One Amazing Sight.

    • Rainbow Bridge
    • Rainbow Arches
    • Rainbow Crossing
    • All The Above
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    Bonus Questions! It’s a Forest, Atop a Rock, Along The Shoreline.. Awesome

    • Skull Island
    • Rialto Beach
    • Ruby Beach
    • Shi Shi Beach

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