Financial IQ Quiz – Are You Destined For Financial Freedom or Captivity?


Our financial IQ quiz shows you where you stand in the world of economics. We live in a civilization surrounded by money and greed. Since financial freedom isn’t a privilege nor a right, it’s almost forbidden and completely scarce. But, will currency hold you captive for eternity? Or will you break free with the few and proud? Consequently our financial IQ quiz will help determine your fate with only 5 questions. While your answers are crucial and your results may vary. Remember.. If you don’t receive the answer you expect, you need to alter your financial destiny. Lastly are you high, middle or low class? Only you can decide…

  • Question of

    When Was The Last Time You Overdrafted Your Account?

    • Never
    • Within The Last 6 Months
    • Over A Year Ago
    • I Don’t Own A Bank Account
  • Question of

    Did Your Family Have Money Growing up?

    • Yes, Thank God
    • Some, But Not Much
    • No, I Wish
  • Question of

    What is Your Credit Score?

    • 649 or Below
    • 650-749
    • 750-800
  • Question of

    A Health Savings Account is…

    • The Same As A Flex Spending Account
    • An Insurance Plan
    • A Plan Under Medicare
    • A Way To Save Health Costs if You Have A High Deductible Plan Ins
  • Question of

    Recieving An Advanced Degree, Such As Medicine or Law, Makes You More Likely To Be A Millionaire.

    • Yes
    • No

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