Can You Pass The Official Garfield and Friends Trivia Quiz? A True Fan Will!

Take The Official Garfield and Friends
Trivia Quiz To See If You’re A True Fan!

We lined up some fun and interesting questions for you to take on. So, do you think you have what it takes to get them all correct? the original Garfield and friends trivia quiz will test to see if you possess superior knowledge on the original comic classic – Garfield and Friends. The original Garfield and Friends showcased an extremely lazy short haired orange cynical cat who loved lasagna, donuts, extra everything on pizza, besides anchovies. In addition to stuffing his face full of food, he also loved to hang out with his not so bright pooch pal, and gullible owner. We don’t want to give any detail away. So let’s see just how much you know about this lazy feline and his gang of friends and family. In addition to trivia quizzes, we have so many more personality quizzes to explore!

Take The Garfield and Friends Trivia Quiz Below!

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  • Question of

    Who is the Human that Owns Garfield?

    • Joe
    • Jon
    • Roy
    • Wade
  • Question of

    What was the Original Theme Song for Garfield and Friends Called?

    • Hurry i’m Hungry
    • Friends are There
    • The Garfield Show
    • Ready to Party
  • Question of

    When did Garfield and Friends First Air on TV?

    • Decemeber 18th, 1988
    • September 17th, 1988
    • October 16th, 1988
    • November 15th, 1988
  • Question of

    When did Garfield and Friends Last Air on TV?

    • August 8th, 1994
    • September 9th, 1994
    • December 10th, 1994
    • October 11h, 1994
  • Question of

    What Does Jon’s License Plate Say?

    • Jon 731
    • 1988
    • None of the Above
  • Question of

    What is the Name of Garfield’s Pooch Pal?

    • Odie
    • Otis
    • Roy
    • Sheldon
  • Question of

    Can Jon Hear/Understand Garfield When He’s Speaking?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    On the Fourth Friday of November Jon and Garfield….

    • Have A Candy Cane Karaoke Night
    • Eat Mashed Potatoes and Meatloaf
    • Eat Lasagna
    • All of the Above
  • Question of

    When was Garfield Born?

    • in 1976
    • in 1978
    • in 1980
    • in 1988
  • Question of

    Which of the Following Does Garfield NOT Like:

    • Squashing Spiders
    • Befriending Mice
    • Seeing Jon in Misery
    • Sweet Buttermilk
  • Question of

    What’s Garfields Biggest Fear?

    • Aging
    • Starving
    • Monday the 13th
    • Aunt Ivy
  • Question of

    What’s Wade’s Greatest Fear?

    • Everything
    • Bo
    • Weasel
    • Fox
  • Question of

    Seeking Revenge on Garfield, Odie cleared out Jon’s Closet Besides one T-Shirt. What was on it?

    • I Love Cats
    • I Love Dogs
    • Garfield’s Face
    • I Hate Monday

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