How Well Do You Know Maryland?

How Well Do You Know Maryland?

Are you a true Marylander? Find out how well do you know Maryland and the facts surrounding this wonderful and inspiring state. You’ll be up against an uphill battle of questions about Maryland, it won’t be easy! So if you fail, don’t get all ‘crabby’ with us. (no pun intended) or was it? We have a lot of U.S State Quizzes! In addition, we also have a Printable U.S State Capitals Quiz, can you get all 50 correct? We want to make sure you’re not coming into this blind, so we suggest you see some Maryland state facts, before hitting play. We know most quiz sites never give much of an explanation or other fun quizzes for you to explore, but we do! You’ll find we do a lot more than the usual, and so can you!

So, How Well Do You Know Maryland Really?

So many have subscribed and created their own awesome quizzes, so why not follow the trend? Create a quiz with Quizified’s easy format, it’s truly remarkably fun and simple to operate. (For all ages) Below you’ll see a few different way’s to have some more fun, but first things first; go find out how well do you know Maryland!

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    Maryland was founded by

    • Lord Baltimore
    • Lord Chesapeake
    • Lord Annapolis
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    What is the capital of Maryland?

    • Baltimore
    • Annapolis
    • Chesapeake County
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    What is the state sport of Maryland?

    • Fencing
    • Jousting
    • Boxing
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    What is the state flower of Maryland?

    • Dandelion
    • Sunflower
    • Blackeyed Susan
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    Marylander’s have yet to encounter a food upon which you will not sprinkle

    • Pepper
    • Old Bay
    • Mozzarella
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    Marylander’s are all about

    • Sports
    • Crabbers
    • Karaoke
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    Marylander’s talk or know someone who talks about this, and their importance, for a really really long time:

    • Honey Bees
    • Snails
    • Oysters
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    Which of the following is Maryland’s largest freshwater lake?

    • Deep Creek Lake
    • Lake Needwood
    • Lake Bernard Frank
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    What is the best square pizza ever?

    • Elio Pizza
    • Ledo Pizza
    • Baltimore Pizza
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    In Maryland, they consider this person a hero:

    • Joe Flacco
    • Cal Ripken Jr.
    • Michael Jordan

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