Can You Pass A Drivers Test?

Can You Pass A Drivers Test?

Are you able to pass a practice drivers test? Take this short 7 question driving test now to find out, if you deserve to be on the road. There’s always more road experts than those who don’t deserve to drive, the statistics speak for themselves. It’s important to note, we aren’t here to make you a better driver. But along the way, you will probably learn a thing or two, you didn’t already know! So how good of a driver are you really? Our test will reveal just that, so lets get started!

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    When planning to make a left turn across an intersection and you are waiting in the middle of the intersection for the traffic to clear, your front tires should be turned:

    • to the left
    • it depends on the sharpness of the turn
    • straight ahead
    • to the right
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    Safety belts should be worn:

    • Only when driving at high speeds
    • loosely on your lap
    • only when riding in the front seat
    • at all times as a driver and passenger
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    When passing another vehicle, you can exceed the posted speed limit:

    • only when you are passing a group of cars
    • never
    • whenever you are passing a car
    • when you are obstructing the passing line
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    When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection you should:

    • Keep your speed up as not to disrupt the flow of traffic
    • only slow down if other vehicles are present
    • slow down and cross the intersection carefully
    • stop then enter the intersection when safe to do so
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    When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed to travel is:

    • The posted speed limit
    • 55 mph
    • 65 mph
    • only as fast as is safe to drive
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    You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car only:

    • if the vehicle ahead of you is turning left
    • if traffic is really heavy and your turn or exit is in sight
    • when the shoulder is wide enough
    • under no circumstance
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    When you are driving on the freeway and the vehicle in front of you is a large truck, you should drive:

    • no more than one car length behind so the driver can see you
    • farther behind than you would for a passenger vehicle
    • close behind the truck in bad weather beacause the driver can see better than you
    • depends on the size of the truck

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