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Quiz Questions and Answers UK History

So how much do you know about the UK and it’s past and present? Because we have a lot of historical events, news and characteristics of this great country to test you with. Our quiz questions and answers UK pertain to the following topics: culture, geography, dates and land marks. Also, we think it’s important to point out, that number seven should be a question everyone gets correct! So where will you fall on the historian spectrum of our UK history questions? Consequently, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s see just how much you know, regarding the united kingdom and its surroundings.

UK Quiz Questions and Answers

It wouldn’t be right of us to not give you the quiz questions and answers. So make sure if you missed any questions, you review your results at the end! In addition to taking quizzes, you can also create your own quiz! Quizified makes it super easy and fun to create and share a quiz with anyone, and anywhere, you’d like!

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    What is the name of the Duke of Devonshire’s stately home in Derbyshire?

    • Chatsworth House
    • Haddon Hall
    • Tutbury Castle
    • None of the Above
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    In what year was the Act of Union that created the United Kingdom?

    • 1705
    • 1706
    • 1707
    • 1708
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    Which 850m peak is the highest mountain in Northern Ireland?

    • Slemish Mountain
    • Slieve Donard
    • Slieve Commedagh
    • Sleve Antcantrin
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    How is the Second Lord of the Treasury more commonly known?

    • Chancellor of the Exchequer
    • Governor of the Bank of England
    • Chief Secretary to the Treasury
    • The First Lord of the Treasury
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    In which city can you find an extinct volcano called Arthur’s Seat?

    • Edinburgh
    • England
    • Salisbury
    • Norwich
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    What is the Welsh name for the country of Wales?

    • Brythonic
    • Cymry
    • Combrogi
    • Cymru
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    Which stretch of water separates the Isle of Wight from the Mainland?

    • The Dead Sea
    • The Solent
    • Bristol Channel
    • English Channel
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    Which city is the UK’s City of Culture in 2013?

    • Liverpool
    • Dunlap
    • Londonderry
    • Manchester
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    BALPA is the registered Trade Union for members of which profession?

    • Farmers
    • Postmen
    • Airline Pilots
    • Rail Road Workers
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    What is the most northerly cathedral in the UK?

    • Elgin Cathedral
    • Dornoch Cathedral
    • Cathedral of St Moluag
    • St Magnus Cathedral

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