Can You Get All 10 Questions Correct On Our “Not So Easy” Math Quiz?๐Ÿค”

Our Not So Easy Math Quiz, Makes These Simple Math Problems Look Impossible

Do you know your PEMDAS? We sure hope so, because it’ll come in handy taking on these ‘simple math problems’. Do you think you posses the skills to pass this not so easy math quiz? Because these simple math problems aren’t always so simple, for everyone. With that being said, we suggest you keep a pen and paper handy. You’ll find it easier to simplify the math questions and give an accurate answer. Also, you’ll see these are math question with answers, and they’re 100% printable. In addition, you can print off the Math questions with answers at the end of the quiz, but don’t forget to review your results first!

Don’t Worry There’s Only Simple Math
Problems Within This ‘Not So Easy Math Quiz’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

We aren’t lying, but some of you might find this more challenging than you’d like to believe. As a matter of fact, all of these questions are ones you’ve learned in middle school. That’s kinda crazy, considering some of you won’t have any idea how to write an equation in slope-intercept form, let alone know how to use it. ๐Ÿ˜† On the bright side, you have the process of elimination to use, if worst comes to worst. We are going to push your brain to it’s limits with these questions. So don’t get frustrated if you don’t know the answer, not all of us are great at math. But if math isn’t your thing, try and see if you can pass a 5th grade spelling quiz!

We Give You The Math Questions With Answers

Remember, once you’re done taking the quiz, we give you the answers to your questions, along with your results. As a matter of fact, we go a little farther than most do! So now with Quizified you’re able to see if you got the question correct, right away. It’s important to note, that if you get the question wrong it’ll appear red, but don’t worry as we highlight the correct answer green. We know people want there answers and they want to see them now, so we allow you to do just that! Speaking of giving you more, did you know you can create a quiz on Quizified? It’s so fast and easy to create and share with the world!

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  • Question of

    Solve: 12 รท 4 ( 2+4) = ?

    • 2
    • -2
    • 18
    • -18
  • Question of

    How many positive integers have the property that was obtained by deleting the last digit, if equal to 1/14 of the original number?

    • 2
    • 6
    • 1/7
    • Can’t be solved
  • Question of

    5.2908×10 to the 9th Power is:

    • 529080
    • .00000052908
    • 5,290,800,000
    • 0.000000052908
  • Question of

    2x + 3y = 24 Solve For The X-Intercept(s) and Y-Intercept(s)

    • X= 12 Y =8
    • X= (12 ,0) and Y = (0, 8)
    • X = (0, 8) and Y= (0, 12)
    • Cannot Solve
  • Question of

    Simplify the Expression using the FOIL Method: (2x+2)(3y+4)

    • 6x + 6y
    • 2x + 3y + 6
    • 6xy+8x+6y+8
    • 4x + 7y
  • Question of

    Rewrite the Equation in Slope-intercept form: 12 + 38x = Y

    • y + 3, x = 0
    • y = 38x + 12
    • y = 12 + 38x
    • y + 12 = 38x
  • Question of

    Simplify the Expression: 3x + 12y + 3yxz +3z + 2xy +4z +21xyz

    • 21xyz + 3yxz + 12y + 3x + 7z
    • 24xyz + 2xy + 12x +3y + 7z
    • 21xyz + 3yxz + 3x + 12y + 7z
    • 24xyz + 2xy + 3x +12y +7z
  • Question of

    Assuming A=2, B=4, F=1, G=0: AB Times F Equals BFG

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Simplify the Expression: (2x+3)(2x+3)(2x=3) =?

    • 16x + 27
    • 6×3 + 9
    • 6×3 + 27
    • 8×3 + 36×2 +54x +27
  • Question of

    Write the Equation in Standard Form: -4x + 12 = Y

    • -4x + y = 12
    • 4x + 12 = y
    • 4x + y = 12
    • -4x +12 = y

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