What Ice Cream Flavor Are You Based On Your Tasty Personality?

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What ice cream flavor are you? Because who doesn’t love ice cream? Due to the large number of requests, we decided to give users what they love and want. As a result, this was the creation! Find your favorite brand/flavor Here.

WARNING: This Test Can/Will Cause Cravings.
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    What’s The Most Appealing Drink to you at this Moment?

    • A Smoothie
    • Milk
    • Refreshing Ice Tea
    • Something Hot
  • Question of

    What’s the Dominant Color in Your Wardrobe?

    • Purple/Pink
    • White/Pastels
    • Brown/Black
    • Green/Turquise
  • Question of

    At Breakfast You Prefer:

    • Orange juice
    • A sweet coffee
    • A cup of fresh tea
    • A Glass of Milk
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    The perfect Activity for the Summer:

    • Adventurous outdoor Trip
    • Laying out in the Sun all Day
    • Picnic at the Park
    • Swimming All Day
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    You Just Finished Dinner.. What Dessert are you Having?

    • A Strawberry Milk Shake
    • A Vanilla Sundae with a Cherry on Top.
    • A Decadent Brownie, Perhaps Two
    • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!
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    What Sounds More Tempting?

    • Spaghetti with Sauce
    • Rocotta Cheese Ravioli in Cream Sauce
    • Duck in Cherry Sauce
    • Char Grilled Steak

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