Which Creepy Doll Are You Based On Your Freaky Personality?

Which Creepy Doll Are You?

So which creepy doll are you based on your personality? If you can’t guess, we wouldn’t be surprised as this is a super random quiz. So simply answer these eight questions to see which creepy doll you turn out to be! So many of us have an inner freaky mess, and it’s time for you to show it through the scope of our personality quiz.

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  • Question /

    Where is the best place to store a doll?

    • On the bed
    • In the attic
    • In the basement
    • In a dumpster, far far away from my house
    • Locked up in a cage
    • Buried 6 feet underground
  • Question /

    Do you think dolls are creepy?

    • Yes, super creepy
    • No not at all
    • Some more than others
    • Help, there’s one in my attic
    • Just a little bit
    • Dolls are fun
  • Question /

    Have you ever felt threatened by a doll?

    • Yes
    • Right now
    • No….?
    • Yes, but i started it!
    • Please help me!
    • Not the doll so much as the demon inside it
  • Question /

    If you were a doll, what outfit would you wear?

    • I would be naked
    • A wedding dress
    • A Hooded outfit
    • All Denim
    • Flannel
    • A Black Robe
  • Question /

    Would you win in a fight with a doll?

    • Easily
    • It would be a good fight
    • I would run away
    • I would probably lose
    • I would call the cops
    • Dont even talk about it…. Please he’s watching..
  • Question /

    What’s the best way to scare someone?

    • Sneak up on them
    • Make a loud noise randomly
    • Earn their trust then turn on them
    • Hide in their closet
    • Show up in an unexpected place
    • Have a terrifying appearance
  • Question /

    Pick a Weapon:

    • Nunchucks
    • Knife
    • Shotgun
    • Axe
    • Brass knuckles
    • Ninja stars
  • Question /

    What are you afraid of most?

    • Spiders!
    • Being alone in the dark
    • Being stranded by myself
    • Drowning
    • Dying alone
    • Having parasites

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