Which Music Genre Are You Based On Your Personality?

Which Music Genre Are You?

Our “which music genre are you” quiz is fun, easy and the best! First of all and furthermore, no recycled content. Why? Because we offer much more variety and fan favorites. Hence, another reason to take our quiz! Finally, and most of all.. Have fun!

For More on Music Genre and it’s History.

  • Question of

    What Best Fits Your Drink of Choice?

    • Any
    • Wine/Cognac
    • Hard Liquor (but will drink anything)
    • Whiskey
    • Tequila/Corona
  • Question of

    You Have no Work and it’s Beautiful Out. What Are You Doing!?

    • Going to the Beach
    • Stay in/Lazy Day
    • Relax and Play Video Games
    • Hang out With Friends or Family
    • Go Dancing
  • Question of

    The Love of Your Life Leaves You For Someone else.. How Are You Going to React..?

    • Try to Come to Terms With it
    • Call Your Ex
    • Listen to Favorite Music to Calm You Down
    • Beg For Them Back
    • Become Highly Emotional and Unstable
  • Question of

    You’ve Just Won Thousands of Dollars and Decide to Purchase a New Car. Which Model?

    • Sports Car
    • Jeep/Truck
    • Luxury Car
    • Pay off Current Car
    • Funky Low Rider
  • Question of

    You’ve Decided to Move, Where Are You Headed?

    • Southern States
    • Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American
    • My Home land/My Home Town
    • To a Big City
    • Las Vegas
  • Question of

    You Have a Dinner Party to Attend. What Are You Most Likely Going to Do/Wear?

    • Arrive Late, Already Drunk (Maybe), Wearing Something Inappropriate.
    • Arrive Early, Well Dressed, and in a Polite Fashion
    • Arrives Fashionably Late In Style
    • Invite Some Friends, the More the Merrier
    • Arrives Right on Time, Wearing Cowboy Boots, a Nice Button Up With a Shoestring Necktie
  • Question of

    You’re in Charge of The Plans This Weekend, What Are You Going to Do?

    • Throw A House Party/Pool Party
    • A Get Together With Close Friends
    • A Nightclub and Pub Crawl With Everyone
    • Get Everyone Together For a Bonfire
    • Have a Big Family BBQ
  • Question of

    How Would You Describe Your Personality?

    • Eccentric
    • Calm
    • Energetic
    • Kind
    • Angry
  • Question of

    You Just Won Free Tickets to Any Artist of Your Choice, Dead or Alive, Pick The Genre That Best Fits Them!

    • Rap/Pop Music
    • Classical Music
    • Country Music
    • Latino Music
    • Rock Music
  • Question of

    Which Candy is Your Favorite?

    • Hershey’s Kisses
    • Candy Corn
    • Twix
    • M&M’s
    • Sweet and Sour

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