World Religions Quiz – Can You Name A World Religion?

How Well Do You Know World Religions?

So you think you have diverse knowledge about religions? See if you can answer these next ten questions about World Religions. Name a world religion and the information that unfolds within. You’ll have some world religion history to catch up on, if you intend on acing this quiz! Both the Quran and Bible, both uniquely enough, lead you to the same destination. You can look at the book of God as a guide and using it to your advantage can help you throughout life. Although, the path is different, the outcome is still the same; To accept God as their savior. Think about it like this: if you have a GPS, to help guide you home, but it gives you two or maybe three different routes to get there. That’s a simple way to break down the science behind world religions, for a better understanding.

Can You Name A World Religion?

The game is simple, you can name a world religion and it’s facts. Although this task seem difficult, if you paid attention in school – then you should have no problem acing this quiz with no issues! Our trivia quizzes are built for all ages and we recommend sharing the fun with your friends and family. You should go hit the history books; if you can’t name a world religion. (based on the question we ask) On the other hand, if this quiz is too tough, go try our Printable 50 US State Capitals Quiz.

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  • Question of

    How many books are there in the Bible?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 27
    • 66
  • Question of

    What was Buddha’s real name?

    • Gautala
    • Siddhartha
    • Dalai Lama
    • Gautamo
  • Question of

    Which of these is the sacred animal of Hinduism?

    • Cow
    • Tiger
    • Sheep
    • Pig
  • Question of

    Ninth month of Islamic calendar which is the month of fasting is called

    • Hijri
    • Ramadan
    • Ashura
    • None of the Above
  • Question of

    In Judaism, what kind of ritual is Bar Mitzvah?

    • Wedding
    • Death
    • Coming of Age
    • 16th Birthday party
  • Question of

    Who is the supreme God in ancient Greek religion?

    • Apollo
    • Zeus
    • Hermes
    • Poseidon
  • Question of

    Who is the God of Sun in ancient Egyptian religion?

    • Anubis
    • Hades
    • Ra
    • Helios
  • Question of

    Taoism principle – Wei wu Wei means

    • Don’t Do Doing
    • Do Non Doing
    • Do The Doing
    • None of the Above
  • Question of

    What’s the common name for divine beings in Shintu religion?

    • Inari
    • Omamori
    • Kami
    • All of the Above
  • Question of

    What is the name of Indian religion founded in the sixth century BCE?

    • Confucianism
    • Inari
    • Jainism
    • The Old Vedic

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