Riddles With Answers

Mystifying, misleading, and puzzling questions posed as problems to be solved or guessed.

Riddles With Answers

This sparkling globe can float on water. It is light as a feather, but ten giants can't pick it up.

This small, round stone fruit that is typically bright or dark red, is often served on top of whipped cream on a milk shake.

This small, rolled tortilla usually has meat or cheese filling, and was originally invented in mexico.

This small creature kills even the largest one.

This pastry is a fruit pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apples.

This orange vegetable is a favorite of Bugs Bunny.

This orange colored fruit gets its name from its color.

This old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not lungs nor throat, but still a mighty roaring call.

This mother comes from a family of eight, Supports her children in spite of their weight, Turns around without being called, Has held you since the time you crawled.

This Mexican dish is a type of flatbread made of crushed flour or cornmeal and is cooked and then enjoyed hot or cold. It is used especially in making quesadllas.

This large green melon has red pulp inside and watery juice. Best enjoyed cold on a hot summer day!

This is variety of pasta formed in narrow tubes, often mixed with cheese powder. The most common brand is Kraft.

This is the main ingredient in spaghetti and Mac-N-Cheese.

This is needed both for courage and hard-cover books.

This is meat from the upper part of a pig's leg salted and dried or smoked, often enjoyed in a sandwich.

This is a pear-shaped fruit with a rough leathery skin, smooth oily edible flesh, and a large pit in the center. It is most used in guacamole dip.

This is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice sushi-meshi combined with other ingredients, usually raw fish or other seafood.

This is a dish containing beans, sometimes baked but, despite the name, usually stewed, in a sauce. A common brand is Bush's.

This is a dead giveaway.

This is a coat that will soon dry but it must be put on while it is wet.

This is a baked snack that is traditionally twisted into a unique knot-like shape.

This has been cut with water

This greek dish is similar to a taco or pita sandwich in appearance. It is made with a fatty meat in a taco shell shaped flatbread with tomatos, lettice and other veggies.

This for is a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry.

This man has an obsession with spinach.

This patch of land stands alone.

This would be a good place to find Can-Can girls and drunk Cowboys.

This guy crossed a road and everyone wants an explanation.

This food, made from pork, is often eaten along side eggs and bacon.

This food is usually grilled and put between two buns, with cheese,tomato and pickles.