Riddles With Answers

Mystifying, misleading, and puzzling questions posed as problems to be solved or guessed.

Riddles With Answers

Searing 'cross the pitch-black skies, I scream in celebration, Yet moments later, my outburst through, I am naught but imagination.

scratch ym


Say, what is that which in its form unites All that is graceful, elegant, and true; By all admired, by all acknowledged great, And (as I trust) sincerely loved by you; Which ever on the virtuous attends, And of their peace will surest safeguard prove; The best support of noble, upright minds, The best foundation of connubial love?

Salty water everywhere but not sea in sight!

Said to have fifty shades.

Runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but cannot climb.




Round as a dishpan, deep as a tub, and still the oceans couldn't fill it up.



roll minutes

rice krispies 154, kellogg's 5685, tootie fruities 21



Religion's greatest enemy.


reference reference

Rain Rain Rain Rain Aid

Put into a pit, locked beneath a grate, guarded through the night, yet it still goes out.

ppppppppp earth

power UU

Popular brands of this delicious treat are Yoplait, GoGur, and iCrave.

Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all.



Plow and hoe, reap and sow, What soon does every farmer grow?

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