Riddles With Answers

Mystifying, misleading, and puzzling questions posed as problems to be solved or guessed.

Riddles With Answers

What's at the head of an elephant and at the tail of a squirrel?

What word is that, which, deprived of its first letter, leaves you sick.

What word In the English language is always spelled wrong?

What word has three syllables and twenty six letters?

What weeps without eyes or eyelids, her tears rejoicing sons and fathers; and when she laughs and no tears fall, her laughter saddens all hearts?

What was was, before was was was?

What type of drink is usually added to cereal in the morning?

What turns from red to black as soon as it touches water.

What stays the same size no matter how much they weight?

What sphinxes employ and players enjoy.

What smells the most in the kitchen?

What part of a fish weights most?

What odd number becomes even when beheaded?

What occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, only once in a year but never in a day?

What number has all letters in alphabetical order when spelled out?

What needs to be taken from you Before you have it?

What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

What liquid can contain the soul?

what leaps one time out of four?

What king can you make if you take the head of a lamb, the middle of a pig, the hind of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon?

What kind of dog chases anything red?

What kind of cup doesn't hold water?

What kind of cookie is a chocolate sandwich cookie with a creamy white filling?

What kind of cheese is made backwards?

What key is the hardest to turn?

What is this Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling, typically of beans or ground or shredded beef?

What is this Mexican dish consisting of a fried folded tortilla, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomato?

What is the word that even in plain sight remains hidden?

What is the thing that stays the same size, but the more it's used the more it decreases?

What is the middle of water but is not an island.